We are

The same strategy

Where you can have fun spending your time. And as a reward for their achievements - to receive tokens on the Near blockchain.


Build and improve, customize, choose the path of development of the kingdom.


Create and lead your army. Fight hordes of barbarians, and other players. Win the glory of a great commander!


Be in the thick of large-scale gaming events that change the world of the game and fully convey the spirit of MMO!


Get achievements and earn project tokens for your progress and events. in the new mechanics of P2E.

We have created

A unique and interesting game world

Your skills

This is your advantage

Near Kingdoms is a real-time strategy title which means you can only rely on your strategy skills while trying to get to the top.

  • Conquer other player kingdoms
  • Achieve valuable rewards and achievements assigned to you in the Near blockchain
  • Explore the world of the game
  • Use your NFT for game mechanics